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The Hilltop Difference

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

Stress is harmful. We know that. It shortens our lives and causes us pain while we're here. Massage is widely recognized today for its power to reduce stress and keep us healthier. As a result, the massage therapy business is growing rapidly, at a rate of more than 20% per year. It is not difficult to find a massage therapist near you offering to pamper you and work the knots out of your muscles. And most do a good job.

So, with all the choices you have for where to get a massage, why choose Hilltop Massage Therapy? What makes it special?

What makes it special is Brenda Hill, our massage therapist. Brenda is absolutely capable of pampering you and working the knots out of your muscles. But for her, the job of a massage therapist goes beyond just making you feel better when you leave than you felt when you arrived. The best massage therapists, like Brenda, are always asking the question: Why?

Why are your muscles tight? Are the muscles that are tight and painful today really the problem, or are they merely a symptom of a problem going on elsewhere in your body? Could your posture be contributing? Are aspects of your body out of alignment? Are you sitting behind a desk all day?

On your initial visit, in addition to asking where you are feeling pain, Brenda will assess things like your posture, alignment and range of motion. Once your massage begins, what she feels in your muscles will be merged with that initial assessment to identify a course of bodywork that can attack the root cause of your chronic pain. After your massage is over, you will likely be prescribed stretches and exercises to do on your own so that the healing continues even after you leave our studio.

At Hilltop, we aren't just concerned about making you feel better today. We want to help you feel better for the rest of your life. That's the Hilltop difference.

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